I listened to Attiyah's wellness reset DVD last week and I'm still processing all of the powerful nuggets of information I got. I feel refreshed, motivated and ready to reset the areas of my life that are not where I want it to be. I started using her relationship reset tip as soon as I heard it last week to help improve my marriage and it seems to really be making a difference already. Thank you for sharing so openly Attiyah!

M. Thomas - California

“I just completed my 4-month health and wellness program called “The Master Reset.” I started out at 188 lbs and now I weigh 168 lbs… and I’m no longer addicted to chocolate. Thanks to Attiyah Blair, I am feeling better than ever. She exceeded my expectations of what I believed a coach should be and now my husband is getting healthy too. Thank you Attiyah for being true to your profession. You rock!!!”

E. Brown – Philadelphia

“For so long I have listened to all of the people that told me it would be hard to lose weight because I am a senior… right away Attiyah helped me to understand why that is not true. After helping me change the way that I think, Attiyah put me on her 21 day program.  I lost 7 pounds in 21 days then an additional 5 pounds the following month. If it wasn’t for Attiyah I would still be eating too much pasta and making excuses like most of my friends who are also over 60.”

J. Comeforo – Philadelphia

"Attiyah was able to cut through the clutter in my mind about my goals and aspirations. Through a simple yet insightful line of questioning she was able to show me a different solution to my problem. I’d highly recommend Attiyah as a coach!”

T. Faulds – Canada

“I’m 45 years-old and I have been on many diets so I did not know what to expect. The Master Reset has changed my outlook on my ability to lose weight and get healthy. I lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks. My only regret is not commiting 100% like she asked… I could have lost even more.”

D. Fischer – Pennsylvania


Attiyah Blair is a real estate investor, real estate mentor, Realtor and professional speaker. Attiyah's company focuses primarily on rehabbing severely distressed properties and turning them into beautiful homes primarily in the Philadelphia area. Attiyah bought her first home at age 23 and has been investing in real estate since 2007. She is passionate about sharing her wealth building knowledge with women and all aspiring real estate investors. Before becoming a real estate investor Attiyah worked for NBC, CBS and FOX News for 10 years.

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