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Master Reset Money:

Using Real Estate to Build Wealth

Real estate is one of the top investment vehicles for the wealthy. This presentation is for groups who want to learn how to achieve their financial goals using real estate. In this presentation Attiyah shares the tips, tricks and secrets she has learned about real estate investing over the past decade. Although real estate investing can be lucrative, it can also be incredibly confusing and overwhelming. Owning rental properties, flipping, buying and holding, wholesaling and purchasing tax-lien certificates are all high reward ways to invest in real estate but the risk of losing it all is just as high. This workshop cuts through the clutter and provides clarity on the best approach to real estate investing for each participant.

Participants Will Learn How to:

  • Find funding for real estate investment deals
  • Reduce the risk associated with real estate investing
  • Decide which avenue of real estate investing they want to pursue.
  • Identify and acquire the income producing properties that can produce cash flow every month
  • Effectively and quickly calculate profitable real estate deals
  • Create a long-term strategy to build wealth
  • Invest successfully on a part time basis
  • Purchase deeply discounted real estate

Master Reset Goal Achievement:

Cut The Fat: How to Win By Losing

When it comes to achieving goals we are often times caught in limbo between life as we know it and life as we desire. Cutting the fat requires us to leave behind old, stale, dysfunctional and unproductive habits and relationships in order to embrace abundance in any and every aspect of life we desire. When we think of cutting the fat losing weight likely comes to mind but many areas of our life could benefit from a trim. For many of us debt and lack of savings is the fat in our finances that keeps us from enjoying more vacations and getting excited about retirement. Unforgiveness and poor communication is the fat in many relationships that prevents meaningful connection. Lack of systems and cash flow is the fat for business owners and difficulty with time management and team building is the fat for executives and leaders. Stepping out of our comfort zone and away from what’s familiar can be stressful, confusing and seem impossible. In this presentation Attiyah shows participants how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and will help the audience understand that growth is perpetuated by leaning into discomfort. This lively presentation is packed full of demonstrations that will have participants excited and prepared for change.

Participants Will Learn How to:

  • Identify problem areas where “fat” needs to be cut
  • Turn tough situations into life lessons and view obstacles differently
  • Better manage relationships and responsibilities that weigh them down
  • More easily make decisions to get to their goals faster
  • Get rid of fear, get unstuck and have breakthroughs in the most critical areas of life.
  • Build confidence when feeling uncertain about tough decisions


Master Reset Motivation:

Hit The Reset Button: Reassess, Refocus, Reclaim Success

How many times have we wished that we could just start over again? From time to time, we all want and desperately need a second chance to make a better decision based upon the 20/20 vision that hindsight provides. In this workshop, Attiyah teaches participants how to reassess, refocus and reclaim success in any area of life by hitting the reset button. Although failure tends to be a dirty word, Attiyah will share the importance of failure when it comes to success along with strategies to “fail fast” and “fail well.” In this action packed presentation Attiyah will layout the thoughts, actions and habits that determine success or failure then help participants develop the emotional muscle to reset and reach for success no matter how difficult the challenge.

Participants Will Learn How to:

  • Increase their personal commitment to personal excellence
  • Identify ways to put themselves in a peak state that will result in clarity and better decision making
  • Instantly turn problems into opportunities
  • Implement Attiyah’s top reset strategies to make success a lifestyle
  • Overcome the fear of guilt, rejection and embarrassment that may come when the reset button is pushed
  • Use failure as a stepping stone to success




Master Reset Communication:

Rockstar Presentations: How to Wow your Audience Everytime

Public speaking is often ranked as one of the number one fears. In many polls the fear of public speaking beats the fear of death. Whether we like it or not giving memorable presentations, sharing technical updates on conference calls, networking on behalf of our organization and delivering an occasional speech that doesn’t put the room to sleep is an integral part of how we do business. During this presentation Attiyah will share the lessons and best practices she has learned on the way to becoming a confident and competent speaker. This is a content rich presentation that is sure to leave participants wanting more. This presentation can be taught in a one-day workshop or a training series taught over several weeks.

Participants Will Learn How to:

  • Apply the number one method to overcoming stage fright
  • Own the room and get their audience to take action
  • Build a killer presentation with 5 key elements
  • Capture and keep the audiences attention from beginning to end
  • Be a better listener and speak the language of their audience
  • Structure talking points and properly use visual aids
  • Mesmerize the audience and be unforgettable
  • Be a great storyteller and easily help the audience remember the message


I listened to Attiyah's wellness reset DVD last week and I'm still processing all of the powerful nuggets of information I got. I feel refreshed, motivated and ready to reset the areas of my life that are not where I want it to be. I started using her relationship reset tip as soon as I heard it last week to help improve my marriage and it seems to really be making a difference already. Thank you for sharing so openly Attiyah!

M. Thomas - California

“I just completed my 4-month health and wellness program called “The Master Reset.” I started out at 188 lbs and now I weigh 168 lbs… and I’m no longer addicted to chocolate. Thanks to Attiyah Blair, I am feeling better than ever. She exceeded my expectations of what I believed a coach should be and now my husband is getting healthy too. Thank you Attiyah for being true to your profession. You rock!!!”

E. Brown – Philadelphia

“For so long I have listened to all of the people that told me it would be hard to lose weight because I am a senior… right away Attiyah helped me to understand why that is not true. After helping me change the way that I think, Attiyah put me on her 21 day program.  I lost 7 pounds in 21 days then an additional 5 pounds the following month. If it wasn’t for Attiyah I would still be eating too much pasta and making excuses like most of my friends who are also over 60.”

J. Comeforo – Philadelphia

"Attiyah was able to cut through the clutter in my mind about my goals and aspirations. Through a simple yet insightful line of questioning she was able to show me a different solution to my problem. I’d highly recommend Attiyah as a coach!”

T. Faulds – Canada

“I’m 45 years-old and I have been on many diets so I did not know what to expect. The Master Reset has changed my outlook on my ability to lose weight and get healthy. I lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks. My only regret is not commiting 100% like she asked… I could have lost even more.”

D. Fischer – Pennsylvania


Attiyah Blair is a real estate investor, real estate mentor, Realtor and professional speaker. Attiyah's company focuses primarily on rehabbing severely distressed properties and turning them into beautiful homes primarily in the Philadelphia area. Attiyah bought her first home at age 23 and has been investing in real estate since 2007. She is passionate about sharing her wealth building knowledge with women and all aspiring real estate investors. Before becoming a real estate investor Attiyah worked for NBC, CBS and FOX News for 10 years.

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