Enrollment Specialist / Sales Professional


COMPANY: The Real Estate Reset

STATUS: Part-time, contractor

COMMITMENT:  5-20 hours per week

LOCATION: WFA (Work From Anywhere)


We’re looking for a sales professional with experience selling $3k + programs in the business or personal development space.

Our program has scaled quickly—audiences are dialed in, the offer is proven, and our customers are getting results. Now it’s time to take our customers to the next level. We’re building a new kind of Enrollment Team the world hasn’t yet seen. We’re ready to reach the world. And we’re looking for your help. 

The role pays a competitive commission with target total compensation for you meeting sales quotas in the multiple six-figures. 

You will be selling a program that helps people learn how to invest in real estate easier, faster and with less stress and money using the same methods and mindset I used to acquire almost 30 rental units in 2 years. This has added millions of dollars in assets to my portfolio, 6 figures of cash flow and rents annually and a sure way to retire early. 

About You:

  • You’re looking for a new opportunity—a product you can get behind and be proud to talk about…. and a team you actually look forward to seeing on Zoom and swapping celebration emojis 🎉 with in Slack. 
  • You’re ready for the rush and want to stay awhile—between our 27,000 instagram followers and dozens of alumni you are in for a Booked & Bountiful calendar… and this doesn’t intimidate you. 😉 
  • You’re not new to this. You’ve been in sales a long time. 
  • Consistency, close rates, and continuous improvement are your M.O.—You know the value of defining your unique, winning sales process, practicing it daily, and optimizing it frequently. 
  • You believe the close happens before they get on the call. So, you pay attention to the entire journey and place breadcrumbs thoughtfully and strategically so when they arrive at your house, they’re ready to eat. 🙂 
  • You have a track record of handling objections. You know how to identify and maneuver different personality profiles. 
  • You practice full immersion—from diving head first into the community and staying in the deep end, consuming all webinars, videos, and marketing assets (TWICE), studying the sales page and offer like it’s the S.A.T., observing the community Members and creating a field guide National Geographic style, catching the vibe of the company & team, and going through our flagship program  like you’re actually investing in real estate  yourself.
  • You understand that we’re all connected—that a team member’s win is your win, too. So, you share resources, breakthroughs, hacks, & innovations openly & generously with your fellow team members because you know we’re building a new kind of sales team the world hasn’t yet seen.
  • You’re obsessed with getting things done & closing the loop. If a task is unfinished or unaccounted for, you’re not sleeping until it’s scheduled or complete. 
  • You’re an A+ student and top performer. You’re the top closer in your current role or ruled the leaderboard in your last role. You know what habits set you up for optimal output.
  • Timeliness and deadlines are your jam. When we have a team call at 10:00am, you show up at 9:55am. When the deadline is Tues at 5:30pm, you have it done by Mon at 5:30pm. 
  • You care about your fellow humans. You want to be involved with a company and founder who cares about their customers. 
  • You communicate clearly and confidently. If you disagree with something, you communicate that without hesitation. If you have a question, you ask.
  • You’re self-aware and you practice self-care. You know what you need to create (or request) in your home, work, and virtual environment to set yourself up to feel connected, vibrant, on fire, and in flow.


Additional Bonus Qualifications:

  • Organization & operations excite you. When you hear CRM, your ears perk up. When you hear integrations, it makes you do a little dance. You are excited about setting up and maintaining systems you & the entire team can benefit from. 
  • Your love language is Systems & Automation. You dream of Acuity, Close, HubSpot, Outreach, ActiveCampaign, Asana, Infusionsoft, Pipedrive, or Zapier. You love figuring out the most effective way to leverage systems & processes to free you & your team up to shine.
  • Copywriting is your hidden talent. You’re good at it, and you enjoy it. You can whip up an email sequence that gets you the highest of high show rates and highest of high closes. 
  • Data is your jelly & jam. You know the difference between gut decisions and data-backed decisions and the value of qualitative data vs. quantitative data… and that there’s a time & a place for both—and when to tap into one over the other. 
  • You have experience Eliminating, Automating, & Delegating tasks so you can focus on your highest leverage activities.
  • You use your Spidey sense to dream up new approaches in a snap. You believe in doubling down on what’s working, meanwhile always testing new ways to engage and close.

About the Company: 




The Real Estate Reset:

Investor Workshop:

Attiyah Blair is a real estate investor, real estate mentor, Realtor and professional speaker. Attiyah’s company focuses primarily on rehabbing severely distressed properties and turning them into beautiful homes primarily in the Philadelphia area.

Attiyah bought her first home at age 23 and has been investing in real estate since 2007. She is passionate about sharing her wealth building knowledge with women and all aspiring real estate investors. Before becoming a real estate investor Attiyah worked for NBC, CBS and FOX News for 10 years.


Perks & Compensation:

We’re committed to setting you up for success and welcoming you into our lean, brilliant, & supportive, virtual team. You can #WFA 🌴 (Work From Anywhere). You’ll get access to my trainings so you’re equipped to be successful in your role. Compensation is based on experience. 


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